Nurturing Spiritual Journeys

What We Offer Through the Lifespan

We provide children, youth, young adults, and adults an opportunity to explore, reflect, and learn in a nurturing spiritual community. Many of our programs are multi-generational.

Unitarian Universalist religious exploration programs offer all ages:

  • Ethical growth – internalizing enduring values like justice, equity, and compassion, and gaining tools to act on them in everyday life.
  • Social growth – connecting with peers and people of all ages on a deeper level. Finding acceptance among people who share both similar and differing beliefs and life experiences.
  • Spiritual growth – feeling a connection with the sacred within, among, and beyond us.

OUR MISSION – In Religious Exploration, we nurture the open minds, helping hands, and loving hearts of our congregation so that they may embody our Unitarian Universalist Principles.

OUR VISION – As members of the Religious Exploration ministry, we covenant to provide our congregation with:

  • A faith foundation based on Unitarian Universalist Principles and Sources.
  • An accepting, caring community and safe environment.
  • Opportunities for spiritual and social awareness, in alignment with the FUUFHC mission of “Nurturing Spiritual Journeys, Expanding Social Justice.”
  • Encouragement towards personal growth.
  • Respect and support for each individual’s unique nature and development.

We invite you to explore these pages and contact our Director of Religious Exploration to get connected.

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