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What's New at First Unitarian Universalist of Hunterdon County (FUUFHC)?

Whether it's the latest blog post from Reverend Seth, an upcoming service project, class, or fellowship opportunity, if it's new in the life of FUUFHC, you'll find it here. See what we're up to and how you can get involved!

Masking for COVID-19

FUUFHC will be guided by CDC recommendations for COVID-19 masking and protocols. Please check the CDC (see below) for the most current information.

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Summer Services

Visit the Summer Services page.

During the summer we move out of the Old Stone Church and into the cooler Dodd Hall annex for services framed around discussion topics.

We invite a speaker to introduce/demonstrate the topic for about 10 minutes and then the speaker and service coordinator facilitate discussion. Afterward, we share coffee and fellowship.

Topics for this summer might include: Sharing Personal Stories of Self Discovery, Sharing Your Heritage, Sharing Stories about Something that Makes You Proud, Sharing a Comfort, a Joy, a Grief, and a Sorrow (& comfort food to share if you’d like), or Sharing your Spiritual Journey.

We invite you to contribute your ideas and thoughts about the topics you’d like to discuss this summer! Please contact Cara S. from the Sunday Service Committee.

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