Summer Services

Masking for COVID-19

FUUFHC will be guided by CDC recommendations for COVID-19 masking and protocols. Please check the CDC (see below) for the most current information.

Summer Services Begin June 26

During the summer we move out of the Old Stone Church and into the cooler Dodd Hall annex for services framed around discussion topics. We invite a speaker to introduce/demonstrate the topic for about 10 minutes and then the speaker and service coordinator facilitate the discussion. Afterward, we share coffee and fellowship.

Sunday, June 26

8:30 a.m., Spirit Talk: NO SPIRIT TALK OVER THE SUMMER. Join us for Spirit Talk in the fall.

10:30 a.m., SUMMER SERVICES BEGIN: “Outsiders and Language: Building Linguistic Empathy,” with Dr. Emily Bengels. How does it feel to speak a different language than the mainstream? What can we do to help bridge the linguistic divides? Emily will share a few insights from her experiences abroad, her work with the local Guatemalan community, and her studies in sociolinguistics to open a discussion about what we can do to expand our welcoming reach.

Sunday, July 3

10:30 a.m., in Dodd Hall or online: “Stories from the Road,” with Frank V. We have all met strangers who have surprised us. After a 366-mile bike trip across Ohio and experiencing numerous acts of kindness and connections with strangers, Frank shares his stories from the road. We’ll discuss the acts of kindness and connection which help build up our faith in humanity.

Sunday, July 10

10:30 a.m., in Dodd Hall or online: “Tap It Out,” with Renata and Jennifer D. A simple technique to remove negative thoughts and emotions from the body and bring yourself back to the present. Learn how to calm down and improve your mental health.

Sunday, July 17

10:30 a.m., in Dodd Hall or online: “Sharing Creative Writing and Storytelling,” with Rebecca G. Bring your favorite creative writing, poetry, or essay to share.

Sunday, July 24

10:30 a.m., in Dodd Hall or online: “Our Pollinators,” with Dave Jenkins. We’ll talk about the most recent information regarding critical pollinator insects–honey bees, native bees, and butterflies–and provide an update on the Habitat Project, which is partially targeted at native pollinators. What can we all do to help pollinators?

Sunday, July 31

10:30 a.m., in Dodd Hall or online: “Very Superstitious or What the Heck Are You Doing That For?,” with Cara S. In the age of science, do superstitions still affect your beliefs and actions? In the absence of fact, we are wired to make connections that could save our lives. How has superstition affected you and your family? Is it harmless or insidious….or both?

Sunday, August 7

10:30 a.m., in Dodd Hall or online: “Surviving the Carpocalypse,” with Al M. In the current environment, many families face difficulties when trying to find a vehicle to fit their needs at a fair price. Learn how to empower yourself with research before making large purchases or decisions. Also, we’ll find ways we can use knowledge to eliminate stress.

Sunday, August 14

10:30 a.m., in Dodd Hall or online: “How to Scream at a Chair,” with Rev. Seth Fisher. Rev. Seth will share an overview of some of the basic concepts of Gestalt Therapy, including some practical tips for daily life.

Sunday, August 21

10:30 a.m., in Dodd Hall or online: “Getting Hygge with It: Lessons for UU Spirituality from Concepts of Coziness and Conviviality,” with Derek S. Explore across the Baltic and beyond how different cultures celebrate both togetherness and time apart, from the Finnish Kalsarikanni to the Xhosa Ubuntu, “..the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.”

Sunday, August 28

10:30 a.m., in Dodd Hall or online: “Creating as Part of Your Spiritual Journey,” with Ellen H. Do you have a creative outlet that brings you joy? Whether you make art, music, poetry, take photographs, cook with style, or enjoy creating in any other medium, come to share your passion. Show and tell is encouraged.

Sunday, September 4

10:30 a.m., in Dodd Hall or online: “Blue Jeans Sunday,” with Frank V. Potluck/Clean-Up: we’ll gather for a chalice lighting and then spend some time getting our hands dirty, tidying our fellowship building and grounds while getting to know each other better. Dress to unmess!

Sunday, September 11 at 10:30 a.m. in the Old Stone Church

"Water Communion & Ingathering," with Rev. Seth Fisher. Join us to share your summer experiences and come together again in community.

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