Our directory is located here:

If you have any questions or if you update your information, please contact  [e]

To find your username and CTRN-issued password, find the e-mail you were sent from Online Church Directory, with the subject line “A sign in account was created for you.” Or contact [e] for this information.

That email contains instructions for logging on, editing your personal information, and uploading photos. PLEASE take a moment to upload your photo(s) as soon as you can; this will help everyone know who you are! Parents may choose to add their children to the directory.

On-line Church Directory (CTRN) will generate individual family passwords that will have a high-security level. Keeping congregants’ information secure is important. As one member of the communications committee wrote: “Because every account has access to everyone else’s info & pics, all the information is only as secure as the weakest password. It’s a shared responsibility.”

You may choose to change your password, but we encourage you to a make it a strong password that contains letters, numbers, and symbols.

To Change Your Password:

Enter your new password in the password field and click update. Your password is encrypted and will not be visible to anyone, including church staff.
Should you decide to change the password, the Communications Committee recommends you choose a strong password (it should contain letters, numbers, and symbols). It’s not just your own information you’re protecting; keeping the directory secure is a shared responsibility.

If you have any questions or if you update your information, please contact [e]

To Update Your Profile:Capture

Click the MyProfile tab. Verify that your information is correct, and update if necessary. Click update.
Upload a photo. Click “Change Photo,” then “Upload New Photo.”  Click “Choose A Photo,” size it so that it fills the box, and select “Save.”
Click on your Family name, below your photo. If there is no family photo, please upload a family photo.
Please verify that your family information is correct, and update if necessary. Click update.

Here is a helpful video: