Planned Giving

Vera’s Circle

The Vera Hall Dodd Circle (Vera’s Circle) is Hunterdon UU’s planned giving program that encourages our members and friends to include Hunterdon UU in their estate planning. Legacy giving is a meaningful way to ensure that the mission-based work of our Fellowship continues well into the future. To join Vera’s Circle, please let our Stewardship Committee Chair or Board Treasurer know that you have included Hunterdon UU in your estate plan. Inclusion in Vera’s Circle is voluntary and on the honor system. The amounts or type of gifts do not need to be disclosed and no documentation is required.

Estate Planning

There are many types of gifts that can be included in your estate plan, including:
  • Bequest under a will
  • Beneficiary of a life insurance or annuity contract
  • Beneficiary of an IRA or other investment account
  • Beneficiary under a Charitable Gift Annuity
Not only does Hunterdon UU benefit from planned giving, but you could too:
  • It costs you nothing now
  • You can retain control of and use your assets during your lifetime
  • You can modify your gift plan if your circumstances change
  • You or your family could receive a lower tax burden (consult with your tax advisor to evaluate how this may apply in your situation specifically)
  • Most importantly, it helps ensure that your fundamental values and priorities continue to be supported, even after you are gone

You should consult with an attorney when writing a will. Click here to review Hunterdon UU’s Gift Acceptance Policy.

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