Human sexuality encompasses nearly every aspect of our being, from attitudes and values to feelings and experiences. It is influenced by family, culture, religion/spirituality, laws, professions, institutions, science and politics.  Honest, accurate information about sexuality changes lives. It dismantles stereotypes and assumptions, builds self-acceptance and self-esteem, fosters healthy relationships, improves decision making, and has the potential to save lives.

For these reasons and more, we are proud to offer the UUA’s Our Whole Lives (OWL), a comprehensive and progressive sexuality education curricula. Age appropriate, interactive workshops engage participants and help them to make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual health and behavior at every stage. With a holistic approach, Our Whole Lives provides accurate, developmentally appropriate information about a range of topics, including relationships, gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual health, and cultural influences on sexuality.  OWL is a key measure in creating a safe congregation and giving students the tools to be empowered in their personal rights.


  • Grades K-1
    • This 8 week program supports parents in educating children about birth and babies, bodies and families through stories, songs and activities. The program includes weekly take-home projects and suggestions for parents and children to do together to promote further dialog.
    • Updates on program times/dates will be posted when available.
    • Families must OPT INTO this program, and complete a separate Elementary OWL Participant Application.
    • Parents/guardians and children must attend a mandatory OWL orientation prior to the start of the program.
  • Grades 4-6  (5-7th for 2022)
    • This 10 week program is designed to help students learn about and maturely discuss the physical and emotional changes of puberty. Key topics are values, body image, gender & sexual identity, peer pressure, social media & internet use, consent, making responsible decisions, and creating healthy relationships. Participants will read It’s Perfectly Normal by Robie H. Harris. Each session includes a HomeLink – a homework activity for families to complete together to promote dialog.
    • Families must OPT INTO this program, and complete a separate Elementary OWL Participation Application.
    • Parents/guardians and children must attend a mandatory OWL orientation prior to the start of the program.
    • This will be offered again in-person in the spring of 2022, but for 5-7th grade students due to the pandemic closure last year. 
  • Grades 7-9  (8-10th for 2021-22)
    • This year long program models and teaches caring, compassion, respect, and justice. A holistic program that moves beyond the intellect to address the attitudes, values, and feelings that youth have about themselves and the world.  It presents not only facts about anatomy and human development, but helps participants to clarify their values, build interpersonal skills, and understand the spiritual, emotional and social aspects of sexuality.
    • OWL equips participants with accurate, age-appropriate information in the areas of human development & body image, relationships & consent, bullying/bystander responsibilities, sexual behavior & health, social media & internet use, responsibility & decision making, as well as sexuality in society and culture.
    • We also offer a PARENT WORKSHOP as an accompanying course to help parents/guardians gain an appreciation of their role in reinforcing and expanding student learning, and develop an understanding of how to manage student questions and concerns.
    • Families must OPT INTO this program, and complete a separate application. CLICK HERE for 8-10 OWL Participant Application 2021.
    • Parents/guardians and youth must attend a mandatory OWL orientation prior to the start of the program.
    • This program will be offered in person from October 2021 – May 2022 for 8-10th graders due to the pandemic closure last year. 
    • OWL 8-10th Class Content and Schedule 2021
      • Sunday 10/3 from 3-5pm = MANDATORY Parent/Guardian & Student Orientation
      • Sunday 10/10 from 3 – 5:30pm = What is Sexuality & Examining Values
      • Sunday 10/17 from 3 – 5:30pm = The Language of Sexuality & Anatomy/Physiology
      • Sunday 10/24 from 3 – 5:30pm = Personal Concerns about Puberty & Body Image
      • Sunday 11/7 from 3 – 5:30pm = Healthy Relationships & Relationship Skills
      • Sunday 11/14 from 1:30 – 5:30pm EXTENDED CLASS = Gender Identity, Expression, Roles & Stereotypes; Sexual Orientation
      • Sunday 12/5 from 3 – 5:30pm = Sexuality, Social Media, the Internet, Explicit Media
      • Sunday 1/9 from 3 – 5:30pm = Sexuality and Disability; Bullying & Bystander Responsibilities
      • Sunday 2/6 from 3 – 5:30pm = Redefining Abstinence & Consent Education
      • Sunday 3/6 from 3 – 5:30pm = Sexually Transmitted Infections; Contraception & Safer Sex
      • Sunday 4/3 from 3 – 5:30pm = Lovemaking
      • Sunday 4/10 from 3 – 5:30pm = Pregnancy, Parenting & Teen Parenting; Unintended Pregnancy Options
      • Sunday 5/1 from 3 – 5:30pm = Sexual Decision Making & Communicating with a Sexual Partner
      • Sunday 5/15 from 3 – 5:30pm = Guest Speaker Panel
      • Sunday 5/22 from 3 – 5:30pm = Self Care; Celebration & Closure


**COVID PROTOCOLS: There may be risks to meeting in person associated with the Covid-19 virus and its variants. These risks will be mitigated by social distancing, proper individual hygiene/sanitation, and mandatory mask usage for all participants and facilitators. There will be no food or drinks provided unless otherwise specified, and social distancing will be required when consumed. The class will meet outdoors as much as possible, so students should dress accordingly. If there is inclement weather, the class will meet indoors but the windows/doors will be kept open for ventilation, so appropriate attire should be considered. If your child(ren) have any symptoms of illness, please do not send them to class. If your child(ren) test positive for Covid, please contact the DRE so any necessary contact tracing can be done. A Covid waiver is required for all individuals arriving on premises each session. Please contact the DRE with any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise.


**REMIND NOTIFICATIONS: We will be using the safe REMIND system to communicate with participants and families about the upcoming classes, any program or schedule changes, and important Covid updates.  CLICK HERE TO OPT INTO REMIND with your email or cell number. You can also text:  @owl21-22 to the number 81010.



Our Whole Lives Offers…

  • Accurate information presented in developmentally appropriate ways
  • Affective and emotional learning
  • Guiding values and principles
  • Activities that help participants clarify values and improve decision-making skills
  • A safe and supportive peer group
  • Acceptance of diversity
  • A social justice approach to inclusive sexuality education
  • Parent orientation that affirms parents as their children’s primary sexuality educators
  • Facilitators trained by the UUA regional staff and the Director of Religious Exploration


Our Whole Lives Values…

The Our Whole Lives program is grounded in our Unitarian Universalist Principles through the companion guide, Sexuality and Our FaithThe brochure, Sexuality is Honored Here, explains why sexuality education not only belongs is a religious context, but is also enriched by the values of our faith tradition.

The program gives clear messages about the following key sexuality issues:

  • self worth
  • sexual health
  • responsibility
  • justice and inclusivity

Our Whole Lives recognizes and respects the diversity of participants with respect to biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and disability status. The activities and language used throughout the program have been carefully chosen to be as inclusive as possible of this human diversity.

Explore the National Sexuality Education Standards