Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about how to join our Listserv, enroll a child in a program, or contact specific groups? Check out our FAQs below. You can also Contact Us with questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I give permission for use of my photo and/or video?
  • Adult Photo/Video Permission Form here.
  • Children and Youth Photo/Video Permission Form here.
How do I share updates with fellow congregants about events or provide relevant information?
  • Community listserv: An open, community-oriented communication tool–a ‘community bulletin board’ where you post your announcement, request, information, et cetera, yourself by e-mailing here.
  • Weekly announcements: To have an announcement included in the Newsletter, go to the Calendar page and complete the form.
How do I get approval to use the HunterdonUU logo or communicate on behalf of HunterdonUU?
  • Any use of our name or logo for branding or titling pages, blogs, or other similar elements of social media or publications must be approved in writing before Contact the Communication Committee at to make your request; approval is based on perceived need, existing communication channels, and will be reviewed by the Executive Board.
How do I subscribe to the Nurturing Spiritual Journeys Facebook page?
  • You must be an active Friend or Member of The First Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Hunterdon County, and
  • You must be invited to subscribe by another member or by the Moderator. To request a subscription, e-mail
  • You must have a Facebook account to subscribe.
How do I book Dodd Hall or the Old Stone Church for an event or meeting?
  • Contact the Administrator ( to schedule Dodd Hall or the Old Stone Church. All scheduled meetings must be booked with the Administrator prior to the announcement through communication channels.
How do I get access to the online photo directory?
Where can I find publicly-accessible information about upcoming services and events?
What is the best way for me to share information with the rest of the HunterdonUU community?
  • This depends on the kind of information you are sharing.
    • For community-oriented topics that would be suited to a bulletin board, use the Community listserv. Subscribers will receive individual e-mails with the information you post; a “Reply” to a Community email will go to the sender. A “Reply All” will reply back to everyone on the Community email list; please use a clear subject line so that other subscribers will know what your email is about; recent topics have included “outhouse keys?,” “Old Stone now on the National Register!,” “Last call for the lost and found!,” et cetera.
    • For community and feedback, use the Nurturing Spiritual Journeys Facebook page ( where discussion and comment is invited.
    • For committee and official announcements needing widest possible internal reach, request a blast email by contacting admin here.
How can I sign up to help with the coffee fellowship in Dodd Hall after a service?
  • The sign-up sheet is on bulletin board by the coffee station. Help with coffee, snacks, set-up, and clean-up is always needed. E-mail for more information.
How can I help with social justice?
  • The Social Justice Committee (SJC) works to achieve our congregation’s social justice mission by supporting members as they volunteer, educate, witness, and contribute to organizations and causes dedicated to creating a more equitable world. Email for information.
How do I enroll my children in nursery, Religious Exploration classes, Coming of Age, Our Whole Lives, or Youth Group?
  • We provide childrenyouthyoung adultsand adults an opportunity to explore, reflect, and learn in a nurturing spiritual community. Unitarian Universalist religious education programs offer all ages. Visit the Spiritual Journeys page for information for all ages.
How can I get involved with a committee or a covenant group at FUUFHC?
  • Whether you’re searching for meaning, mending a broken heart, or simply needing some friends who share your values, we are here for you: connecting, caring, healing. Visit Covenant Groups or the Volunteer pages.
How can I get involved with music or choir?
  • If you have musical talent and are interested in joining the choir, contact the Music Committee at
How can I give feedback, constructive criticism, or alert leadership to possible problems?
  • Our elected leaders are always available to listen to your concerns.
    • To contact the administrator, email here.
    • To contact the entire Board, e-mail here.
    • To contact our Board President e-mail here.
    • For information about how to contact our Minister and staff, visit here.
How can I get involved with UU activities at the District, state, or national level?

Interested in learning more about Unitarian Universalism and some of the organizations affiliated with UU values and ideals? Here are a few organizations:


In our Region:

In New Jersey:

And, how, if I’m not already, do I become a member?
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