Stonewall (10:30 a.m.)

50 years after the Stonewall riots catalyzed the modern gay rights movement, what do they mean to us today as human rights come under renewed attack? We will re-dedicate our Rainbow Flag.

The Egg

Together we will explore the short story, “The Egg,” by Andy Weir. Through this we will delve into life, death, and the universe.

Recycling: What You Can Do

 After years of taking our recycling, China has closed the door. Peggy will discuss how we got to this point and what we can all do in response.

Art for Anyone

We will discuss traditional and non-traditional art media and our fears/concerns about art making. We’ll find out how anyone can add art to their lives.

Tending Grief

A conversation about different types of grief, a few myths surrounding grief, and practical tips in tending someone‘s grief, including your own.

Faith and Science: The Zodiac of Paris

Journey to an Egyptian temple where mysterious symbols adorn the ceiling, and re-visit the fierce debates this art has provoked between theologians and scientists since Napoleonic times.

Blue Jean Sunday Potluck/Clean-Up

This week we’ll gather for a chalice lighting and then spend some time getting our hands dirty, tidying our fellowship building and grounds while getting to know each other better. Dress to unmess and bring something to eat and cleaning supplies!