Why We Give: Time, Talent, Treasure

When asked to share with everyone “why we donate,” I have to admit I wasn’t too comfortable talking about it. When it comes to charity–whether it’s the checks we write from home to contribute to things like open space preservation, the local fire and rescue squad, helping family members get over a difficult financial time, or donating our time and skills along with fellow UU’s to improve the lives of those less fortunate than we are, we’re usually not very public about it.

For us, giving is a very joyful thing to do; it’s not about giving until it hurts. We know that we are giving to what we believe in. That could mean keeping the heat and lights on, or hearing the wonderful music in the church. Sometimes we can see an immediate difference in someone’s life situation when they receive the assistance of FUUFHC members in their time or money. It could be additional donations to NORWESCAP.

Sometimes we can see that our time or money improves the appearance or function of a space like the walkway or playground. We get to see the impact that our giving has on our children, such as what they learn from the programs that are taught in RE, which we know help lead to well adjusted, accepting and charitable young adults. Other times, our giving can lead to friendships with others who share our values; and we end up benefiting from those relationships becoming stronger.

When strangers walk through our door for the first time, as when Randi and I did many years ago, they hear our joys and concerns, they see the connections that can be made in a place like this. From where Randi and I sit in the back of the church, we see the genuine love, compassion, and support we have for each other here. Knowing that our family is part of that is deeply meaningful to us. We feel that we have a home here, and so do our children.

So why do we give? I guess for us it is that it gives us the chance to help support the Fellowship and strengthen this place that we believe in. Giving to FUUFHC supports our values. It ensures we can take care of this place and support the community that is meaningful in our lives, and extends our personal connections. Giving gives us so much in return.

That’s why we give…and it never hurts.

by Eric S.