Why We Give – By Al

“Why We Give!” by Al


A multitude of rivers and streams all searching for, hoping for, reaching for a welcoming sea.

Some meander and lose their way, wandering into nothingness,

their waters wither and vanish never reaching the promised sea.

Others are tamed, bound, controlled, and directed into tainted echoes of their former selves.

Some are picturesque and broad yet shallow, while others seem tranquil, though currents run deep.  

Some meander through idyllic scenery in no hurry yet determinedly marching on.

And yet others roar, demolishing obstacle after obstacle with torrential determination and clarity of purpose.

None ever giving up hope or desire to reach their home,

the ever-embracing sea.

Derek spoke last week about how we come from different paths to gather here in fellowship.

So too, Frank and I were also on different spiritual journeys. He comes from a very traditional religious upbringing while I describe myself as more of a spiritual nomad.  And so I never considered that we could find a place where we could experience and explore our spiritual growth together. On our travels, we passed this Old Stone Church countless times and would often wonder about what this church was like. We kept saying we should try and come on some Sunday.  And so eventually we did. And, Wow! What a refreshing experience it was. Here, suddenly, our two paths simply converged. Here we found a warm and welcoming fellowship and everything just fit.

Which brings me to Martha’s speech. Martha mentioned a couple of weeks ago that giving is often out of some self-interest. In our case, this is absolutely true.

We give because we want this fellowship to not only survive but thrive! We want to ensure that your children can continue to have a safe place where they can explore their spirituality, whatever form it may take, in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. So that they may uncover the UU within. We give so that even if life leads your children far from this fellowship, this fellowship will never leave them. We give so our fellowship can be a beacon lighting the way home for generations to come. In short, to be blunt, we give because we are selfish! We want this fellowship to be here for us.

Like countless rivers, we gather here, in this fellowship, in this welcoming sea, in this home.