Why I Give by Ben Redditt

Why I Give by Ben Redditt


About five and a half years ago at the suggestion of an acquaintance, I visited the Old Stone Church. On the way, I misread a road sign and made a couple of wrong turns. Eventually I did get there–a bit late. As I walked up to the church, I thought I was coming into the back door. Much to my surprise (like other first time visitors who are late), I found myself coming into the front of the church during a service in progress. Hurriedly, and a little embarrassed, I found a chair to the right. After the service, I was welcomed very warmly and invited back for coffee and conversation. I was impressed, and came back the following Sunday, and the Sunday after that, and kept coming back.


I was recently challenged to prepare an “elevator speech,” a very brief explanation of what UU’s are about. My ‘work in progress’ currently reads, “UU’s are a collection of like-minded individuals who try to follow seven guiding principles, which include ideas like Respect, Truth, and Justice and who value diversity, the democratic process, and the  inherent worth of all creatures. Maybe not all UU’s value these in exactly the same way, but I believe that the members of the First Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Hunterdon County–my Fellowship–do. I have learned to cherish them all–young and old. I may not always agree with them, but then they don’t always agree with me. That’s fine. I know there’s no ill will. We have come from different beginnings on this journey and for an unknown time we will travel together. I will cherish that time and my co-travelers. They have become my Spiritual Family.”


I support my family, whether it is my biological family, my extended family, my barn family, or my spiritual family. I support the people and the mission of FUUFHC. That’s why I give.