Why Do I Give? I Give To Life! by Shane Weber

Well, what is this Astonishment we call Life?  Well, that Big Question is at least one reason why I am here Sunday after Sunday.  Perhaps, you too?

It is now that time of year, when once again I dedicate my time, my talent, and my treasure to make possible this Sunday after Sunday experience.  Being human, I not only do this altruistically, but I also do this selfishly.  As a 10-year member, I have received much, and I have given much.

Here I learn from many spiritual sources and I learn from each one of you.

From the Buddhist source there is the “Three Jewels” tradition:  The Buddha (the Enlightened One), the Dharma (the Truth), and the Sangha (the Learned Community).

I and you have called spiritual leaders: Rev Seth, DRE Sarah, and Music Director Emily.  I need to support them in life as they support me in life.

You and I are the living Enlightened Ones we want to be.  I need to support you and I as we live out our Enlightenment.

I live the Truth I want to be.  Here I have direct experience of Nurturing Spiritual Journeys and Expanding Social Justice.  I need to support these aspirations.

I live with you as a Community of Learned Ones.  I need to support you and I as we live together.

My pledge of my time, my talent, and my treasure is to Life.  My pledge of my time, my talent, and my treasure is to Care for our Past, to Work in our Living Present, and to Ensure our Future.

I do not ask that I or you place undue monetary hardship upon ourselves. But neither should my pledge be too easy, too convenient. Rather I think my pledge should reflect a serious commitment to the community I have chosen as my spiritual home, the community in which I pursue enlightenment, the place where children are educated in ethics and spirituality, and where we age together in this Astonishment of Life.

Please, join me in generously pledging and Giving To Life.