Space Committee (SC)

Goals: To develop a concrete plan: (a) for creating enough space/physical facilities to adequately meet our congregational needs (e.g., Sunday services, religious education) and, (b) for optimizing use of the underdeveloped land.

The SC will develop a phased-based roadmap to attain both of these broad goals in a manner consistent with our four Strategic Goals:

  • To be a welcoming community: We will welcome the stranger into the beloved community, where we challenge each other to the lifelong pursuit of spiritual, intellectual, and personal growth.
  • To build community: We will build community- from the youngest to the oldest- by fostering connections of caring that bring people together and change lives.
  • To care for the environment: We will deepen our relationship without living earth, setting an example of sustainability for our neighborhood and the world.
  • To take action: We will consciously direct our spiritual and physical resources to dismantle all forms of oppression through interfaith action and political engagement in the local community and beyond.

For each of the two broad goals, the SC will:

  • Review and use relevant research (prior surveys, task forces) to ensure that congregational needs are addressed
  • Identify the primary long-term objectives as well as the short-term objectives for each roadmap
  • Describe specific action steps, procedures, and timelines needed to attain each objective within the roadmaps (example: to add to Dodd Hall, we would need architect plans and the following county permits…)
  • Consider how roadmap activities can be “chunked” into obtainable financial goals that the fellowship could tackle
  • Describe the estimated funding needed to accomplish each step of the roadmaps (example: updating the septic system will cost $X, will require obtaining quotes and interviewing professionals).
  • Articulate a vision or “dream” to help create an emotional connection with the roadmap
  • Consider how the decisions reached regarding each phase of the roadmap can be sustained over the long-term (example: if we build a parking lot, how much will it cost to maintain it annually?  If we have a new sanctuary, what are the pledge needs necessary to maintain it?)
  • Consider how changes could affect member/ friend retention and growth