A Jewnitarian Quaker’s View of Yom Kippur: Societal Repentance through Social Justice

A Jew, a Unitarian, and a Quaker walk into a bar… Wait, no! That’s wrong! A Jew, a Unitarian, and a Quaker walk into a soup kitchen on the holiest (fasting) day of the Jewish calendar. It just so happens this person is your own FUUFHC Music Director, who identifies as a Jewnitarian Quaker and who just completed her doctorate exploring the collaborate rescue efforts of these three faiths in the Holocaust. Emily will speak about different meanings of ‘atonement’ and present a social justice-centered perspective of Yom Kippur. Directions for registration and waiver completion have been sent via email and will be available on the website at hunterdonuu.org Zoom link: tinyurl.com/FUUFHCSundayService. (Pswd – 542683). [FUUFHC tech support will be available at techsupport@hunterdonuu.org.] ★ Join us for a virtual coffee hour afterward on the same link.