fuufhc-logo-color-1in-90px-clearLove our logo? We do, too! To ensure our logo is used for FUUFHC purposes, please use the logo request form below.

Introduction – please read for suggestions for logo use and placement. You’ll see the recommendations for how to place it on a white or black background, the font, the spacing around the logo, and the specific colors. We thank you for reading the recommendations thoroughly.

What’s next?

  • FUUFHC Committee chairs, leadership, or congregants should send a clear and concise written description of the use requested, including a detailed mock-up or design for the final use, and its purpose to the Communications Committee at communications@hunterdonuu.org (or use this form below).
  • Within five days (5) the Communications Committee will review and comment on this proposed use of the logo, and make a decision.
    • The committee will be evaluating the mock-up against the specifications outlined in the Introduction document above. You may be asked to adjust the mock-up to match the recommendations for the background, font, spacing, colors, or more. The committee may provide alternative mock-up sample designs. You can expect a collaboration with the communications committee in this process.
  • 3) If the Communications Committee’s decision is disputed, the decision will be referred to the Board to review and comment before the decision is final. The Board will have final review.

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    • Introduction – please read for suggestions for logo use and placement.

    Links to pdf files – pdf files are recommended for printed materials:

    Envelopes and letterheads:

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    fuufhc-logo-black-10in-900px-clear fuufhc-logo-black-10in-900px-clear.png
    fuufhc-logo-black-3in-270px-clear  fuufhc-logo-black-3in-270px-clear.png
    fuufhc-logo-black-2in-180px-clear fuufhc-logo-black-2in-180px-clear.png
    fuufhc-logo-color-1in-90px-clear  fuufhc-logo-color-1in-90px-clear.png
     fuufhc-logo-white-10in-900px-clear fuufhc-logo-white-10in-900px-clear.png
    fuufhc-logo-white-2in-180px-clear fuufhc-logo-white-2in-180px-clear.png
    fuufhc-logo-white-1in-90px-clear fuufhc-logo-white-1in-90px-clear.png