super sunday

Once or twice per month, our K-12th grade students will come together in Dodd Hall at 10:30am for the full service hour. This provides our children and youth with opportunities to engage in monthly thematic worship and programming, fun holiday activities, social justice endeavors, and community building.

It is our hope that the older youth can explore facets of leadership while our younger students bond with strong role models, fostering a greater connection among all of our program participants throughout the year.

We invite adult congregants to assist with the Super Sundays as an easy way to connect with our children and youth.  There is no preparation or training required to assist. Please contact the Director of Religious Exploration, Sarah Ahrens, to volunteer. 

9/15 ~ “Connections” theme ~ 10:30am in Dodd Hall
10/6 ~ “Transcendence” theme  ~ 10:30am in Dodd Hall
11/3~ “Transformation” theme  ~ 10:30am in Dodd Hall
12/8~ “Preservation” theme  ~ 10:30am in Dodd Hall
1/5 ~ “Change” theme     ~ 10:30am in Dodd Hall