PARTICIPATION – Participation forms must be completed to enroll any child or youth, from birth to age 18, into our programs. Participation and permission forms are available on our website, and on the RE Bulletin Board in Dodd Hall. Regular attendance is expected and encouraged so that parents and children become familiar with the teachers and procedures. Consistent involvement helps students to reap all the benefits of the curriculum that is offered throughout the year. Visitors are always welcome.

COOPERATION – The Religious Exploration program is cooperative and its success will continue only because of our volunteer parents, guardians, members and friends! For our families who have been attending six months or more, the parents/guardians are required to help in the program. The RE Committee will work with you to find the best fit, whether it’s teaching on a team, assisting in the classroom for a Super Sunday, taking part in special RE events, or providing materials. Please contact the DRE if you would like more information about joining our Religious Exploration Ministry. 

COMMUNICATION –  Information about RE programs and events can be found:

SAFE CONGREGATION – FUUFHC and the RE Committee take the safety of children and youth very seriously. We have an open classroom policy and we will strive to provide a teacher and assistant in each class for a safe and productive learning environment. In addition, the FUUFHC Safe Congregation Policy pertains to other aspects of the Religious Exploration program. Parents/guardians are required to read the policy so that they understand the fellowship’s role and parent/guardians’ role in providing the safest possible environment for everyone. We ask you to also discuss the policies and procedures with your children and youth.  We need full compliance in order to ensure everyone’s safety.                  


  • All children and youth are their parent or guardian’s responsibility when not directly engaged in an RE class. This includes before services begin and during all other fellowship times (coffee hour). Consistent and direct supervision is expected at all times. 
  • Parents who have children in Child Care (of any age, during regular service or special events), must provide a signature on the attendance form in order to release the child from care. Please see our separate Child Care Handbook for details. 
  • The school house and grounds belong to the Schoolhouse Association. Climbing any structure, except those designated for play (in the fenced area to the left of Dodd Hall), is not allowed. In addition, climbing trees, whether on the fellowship’s property or the school property, is prohibited. 
  • The wooded grounds behind Dodd Hall are off limits to all congregants. Not only are there many physical hazards which make the grounds unsafe for play, but the land is not ours and so it is not for our utilization. 
  • If you see ANY children or youth who are playing or interacting in an unsafe manner, we strongly encourage you to stop the behavior immediately and alert the DRE or the student’s parent/guardian directly thereafter. It takes a village to raise good children, and we count on everyone’s eyes, ears, and words for support. 
  • Children/youth with symptoms of illness will not be accepted into child care or classrooms. If a child has had a fever within the last 24 hours (over 100 degrees) or any illness symptoms (unless due to allergy), he/she should be kept home. 
  • We may have fire/evacuation drills during the year. The fire drill meeting place is the pump by the old schoolhouse, next to the parking lot. Do not return to Dodd Hall to look for your children or youth. 
  • To ensure the safety of all children, members, and friends, Dodd Hall is a nut-free facility. Please be mindful when bringing food.