From the President, Holly Gordeuk

Happy Fall!

Welcome one and all to the beginning of a new year at the Old Stone Church! Welcome back to those of you who are returning for the second, tenth, or twentieth time. It is good to be together.

We have a new executive board! They will be wearing identifying buttons on his or her name tags, so please feel free to reach out and say hello when you see them at service or coffee hour.

We also welcome Emily Bengels as our new Music Director; you will be hearing and seeing her contribution all year.

This year finds us growing in exciting new ways, not only regarding our numbers and staff, but also our physical participation with the land purchased over ten years ago:

  • Dave Jenkins will be announcing volunteer opportunities for the planting of pollinator-friendly shrubs in our land along 519.
  • Our Building and Grounds committee has been very busy over the summer; under the leadership of Martha Wood and the shared expertise of the committee, a miracle has been accomplished! Our underground fuel tank has been removed and replaced with an above ground tank. There was no leakage or contamination from our old tank which means our timing was perfect, another B&G victory!
  • This project quickly grew into another couple of projects, all in 90+ degree heat with Martha and George Knoedl working alongside professional contractors including our own Steve Morris who brought in the big equipment the job required. The result is a beautiful new walkway and patio in front of Dodd Hall that increases our accessible community space and new fencing for our children’s play area. New patio work in front of the Sanctuary will now allow for access in and out of the church from both front doors.

Please join me in thanking the B&G committee for years of work and commitment to our beloved space. Members of the B&G Committee have donated to the substantial cost of this work in addition to previously budgeted funds for the tank removal.

The most exciting thing that happens at FUUFHC in the fall is the FALL AUCTION. Save the date on your calendar for Saturday, November 17 for this fun community event.

I look forward to sharing the journey…and some coffee on the new patio…with all of you.

In faith,

Holly Gordeuk
Board President