Ad Hoc Congregational Covenant Committee

Covenant is a theological value we hold as Unitarian Universalists; it’s a sacred promise of how we will be with one another. It’s a conscious, continuous choice to respect, love, and value each other in community. At the direction of the Executive Board, the ad hoc Congregational Covenant Committee (ad hoc CCC) will begin working with the congregation over the next few months to craft a congregational covenant. To begin the process, Rev. Seth will speak on the value of covenant during his March 14th sermon. Later that day we will host a congregational workshop on covenant with Pat Infante, from the Central East Regional Group. Additionally, the committee will hold several forums in March for congregational input, including one tailored to the youth. Working closely with the congregation, the committee’s goal is to bring a final version of the covenant to a vote no later than the autumn 2021 Congregational Meeting. Please share your voice! The ad hoc CCC members are Rev. Seth Fisher, Nicole Voight, Mike Horton, Chad Klasna, and Andrew Nowick, who will serve as chairperson.