Summer Service: Art Sunday

Bring something creative that you’ve made. Bring a painting, sculptures, poetry, quilts, even cakes and cookies. This show and tell will be a fun way to get to know each other better.

Summer Service: Self-reflection in Moments of Failure or Struggle

Self-reflection can be a vital mechanism for growth, as well as an unhealthy negative obsession. Tim will explore the mechanisms underlying both forms of reflection.

Summer Service: The Masks Men Wear

Men in our society must often live with a persona of rugged masculinity which can limit the fullness of human experience. We’ll explore how perception creates reality and how we all benefit by tearing down the facade and opening up to the wholeness of our nature.

Sunday Service: Laughter as Medicine

Humor is a way to help relieve stress. Bring a joke or funny story to share and help lighten the day.


Big Brothers Big Sisters, CASA, and Making a Difference for Kids

We have wonderful opportunities in Hunterdon to mentor others. Come discuss your experiences or learn how to make a huge difference in a child’s life as a “Big” or Court Appointed Special Advocate.

Sunday Service: 12 Financial Principles That Affect You

47 years of financial advice rolled into 12 simple rules.

Sunday Service: Summer Memories: Vacations, Campfires & Relaxed Weekends

Come sit around our virtual campfire and share the stories of your lives and the people, places and things you fondly remember.

Sunday Service: What Are You Thinking?

Discussion about current psychology on decision making, various kinds of cognitive bias.

Sunday Service: Scoring the Race to Zero Carbon

An eye-opening talk that turns the conventional approach to climate change on its head. Blast away your feelings of climate guilt or helplessness, and replace them with a winning mindset. Footprint to Wings ( will show you how to coach for the win!


Sunday Service: Making a Difference for Peace in Troubled Times

Rev. Bob and Ram from the Coalition for Peace Action ( discuss their group’s accomplishments and the impact you can make from waging peace against drones and climate change.

Blue Jean Sunday

We’ll gather for a chalice lighting and then spend some time getting our hands dirty, tidying our fellowship building and grounds while getting to know each other better. Dress to unmess!