Sunday Service: 12 Financial Principles That Affect You

47 years of financial advice rolled into 12 simple rules.

Sunday Service: Summer Memories: Vacations, Campfires & Relaxed Weekends

Come sit around our virtual campfire and share the stories of your lives and the people, places and things you fondly remember.

Sunday Service: What Are You Thinking?

Discussion about current psychology on decision making, various kinds of cognitive bias.

Sunday Service: Scoring the Race to Zero Carbon

An eye-opening talk that turns the conventional approach to climate change on its head. Blast away your feelings of climate guilt or helplessness, and replace them with a winning mindset. Footprint to Wings ( will show you how to coach for the win!


Sunday Service: Making a Difference for Peace in Troubled Times

Rev. Bob and Ram from the Coalition for Peace Action ( discuss their group’s accomplishments and the impact you can make from waging peace against drones and climate change.

Blue Jean Sunday

We’ll gather for a chalice lighting and then spend some time getting our hands dirty, tidying our fellowship building and grounds while getting to know each other better. Dress to unmess!