Congregational Meeting Minutes: November 2016

Tess and David A. signed the membership book.

Approval of Minutes
Barbara S motioned and Rebecca G seconded to approve the minutes from the last meeting on May 16, 2016.

  • Budget Presentations
    1. Kathleen C presented the 2015-2016 reconciliation budget. Actual pledges were a little under, but fundraising was higher than budgeted. Actual ‘other income’ was also higher than the budgeted amount (mostly from plate collections and from members paying their membership dues), which offset slight increases in personnel and materials and services. The total income increase of $7K minus the total expense increase of $2K resulted in a net surplus of $5K.
    2. There were two other expense items last year that do not appear on the Final Results table:
      1. a $10k loan payoff that came from the capital campaign funds, and
      2. the deposit on the new furnace, which came from reserves.
      3. Thank you, Kathleen, for everything you’ve done as Treasurer!
      4. Ron S reminded the congregation that we will need someone to fill in as treasurer when Kathleen vacates that position at the end of the year. Sarah A said that she would help the new person as much as possible in her role as Bookkeeper.
  • Pledging Update
    1. Paul S reported that the pledge news for 2016-2017 is good – pledges up almost 15% over last year. Our number of pledges has not changed much since 2013, but more members upping their pledge. About 10 pledging units account for almost 50% of our budget. Widening our pledge base would certainly improve our financial situation.
    2. We have about $70K still in loans. Some are at 0% interest, some are at 7% interest, and we will start to pay for those next year.
    3. Thank you, Paul, for your ongoing efforts with stewardship
  • Circle Dinners
    1. Donna S explained that the Circle Dinner are potlucks to give everyone in the fellowship the opportunity to socialize with members outside of service. Signup sheets are in Dodd Hall. The original date was January 21st, but due to the Million Women March in DC, Circle Dinners will be rescheduled.
  • Building and Grounds Committee
    1. Christie A asked the B&G committee to stand – George K, John G, Dave J and Martha W stood. Thank you for your service on this import committee!
    2. Christie reviewed a number of B&G initiatives:
      1. The furnace was replaced so things are MUCH quieter during service.
      2. The shed was put in the field. Thanks to a generous landscaping donation the section of land around the shed was leveled and seeded. It’s roped off while the grass gets established, and once that happens, the area will be available for use.
      3. We have a bat colony living upstairs. They are dormant right now. We have had a bat assessment done and the bats can be left in place without a problem, but we’re thinking about work being done in the future or people going into the attic. If we decide to ‘uninvite’ the bats we will do so in a supportive way.
      4. Ken O is outside caulking windows as we speak;
      5. We successfully fundraised for the windows but we’re also having to look at the condition of the masonry of the building to support new windows, etc. So there are a lot of assessments of the building going on right now.
    3. Update on Photo Directory
      1. Andrew N reminded everyone that he sent a username and a password for the photo directory. Please contact him if you don’t know yours.
      2. There are family and group categories in the directory, so everyone should put in an individual and a family photo. Andrew has a list of everyone who does not have a photo in the directory and he will continue to contact you to try and do that. On the 27th of November Debbie G and Nick R will take pictures for the directory.
      3. The directory will tell you about committee membership in the fellowship, as well as lots of other information. And there’s a mobile app. Just ask Andrew if you have any questions about the directory.
    4. Communications Committee
      1. Carolyn B updated the congregation on the different ways that you can connect with FUUFHC information. This information is in the Communications pamphlet at the entry way table:
        1. You can visit the website:
        2. Like and follow FUUFHC on Facebook
        3. You can also ask to be invited to the private FB page.
        4. Subscribe to the FUUFHC Listserv, which is a community bulletin board. Send an email to
        5. You may then email the entire list of subscribers at:
        6. To unsubscribe, please send an email to:

        7. To receive The Weeks Ahead from Scott S, which is a compendium of announcements and event reminders, please send an email to
        8. We also have blast emails, which are sent out by Ruth H, and Debbie G added that Dreaming Tree Coffeehouse has a FB page.
        9. The congregation is very grateful for Carolyn B, Scott S and Marion M for all their hard work on Communications.
      2. Council of Chairs Meeting
        1. Holly G had the chairs of the roughly 23 committees stand. Thank you to our chairs!
        2. Holly G shared that the chairs made it clear that there are opportunities for all of you to participate in whatever way is appropriate for you at this time in your life. For example, helping with the auction or helping with our grounds do not require you to be a member of a committee. The FUUFHC website is a great place to see the volunteer opportunities that are available.
      3. Announcements
        1. Barb S encouraged people to get tickets for Friday night’s concert with Patty Larkin.
        2. Melanie M reminded people of the Equal Exchange fundraiser for the Social Action Committee, and that it will be extended until the end of November. Orders will be in before Christmas. The catalog is in Dodd Hall and online, but you must fill in a paper order form. Checks only – write Equal Exchange in the memo line.
        3. Andrew N shared that he has been in touch with Jo F.’s son, David. He will be moving Jo to a nursing home near NYC when he can find one. He has not been doing well since she broke her hip. Andrew will stay in touch with David and keep the fellowship informed.
      4. Strategic Action Committee
        1. Ron S followed up on the recent announcement of this new committee. Board Trustees Christie A and Tim C have volunteered to be members. Anyone who is a FUUFHC member and interested in serving on the committee or participating in the discussion, please contact someone on the board. There’s no way of knowing exactly how long of a process this will be, but we are anxious to get starting in laying out the fellowship’s next steps.

Barbara S moved and George K seconded that we adjourn.
Meeting adjourned at 12:37.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Helene A.