Frequently Asked Questions: How do I share updates with fellow congregants about FUUFHC-related events or information?

  • FUUFHC Community listserv: An open, community-oriented communication tool–a ‘community bulletin board’ where you post your announcement, request, information, et cetera, yourself by e-mailing;
  • FUUFHC blast email: According to need, occasional community-wide e-mail for use by the Board and leadership.
  • Order of service announcements: To have an announcement included in the Sunday OOS, go to org/blog/announcement-submission/ and complete the form by the end of Monday.
  • Facebook notifications: Create ‘events’ on the [FUUFHC] Nurturing Spiritual Journeys page and invite other members of the page to participate.
  • FUUFHC blast email—Send your blast email request to the Board/Minister for approval; once approved, send the Administrator the .pdf file or e-mail you want to be directed to the congregation.
  • Website posting–Committee chairs are encouraged to explore the website and contribute information and photos (with permissions; editorial considerations to prevail) for use. For calendar changes or to request meeting space at FUUFHC, please contact the Administrator at well before the event in question. Some website ‘real estate’ is relatively static and not easily modified—because it has been researched to be more efficient as is, and because frequent edits are unfeasible. Contact Website Administrator to submit announcements at

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