Happy New Year! By Rev. Seth Fisher

Too early? I’m thinking about the church year. Everyone knows about the western calendar year, the Chinese New Year, the fiscal year, the school year, but there’s also a church year. Many Unitarian Universalist congregations are most active from the fall through the spring and … read more.

Who Cares for Our Fellowship?

Members and Friends of FUUFHC may experience needs from time to time that may require pastoral care or other types of support, and we want you to know where to turn. Here are some options available to you when you need help…

Minister: Our minister, the … read more.

What Does It Mean to Be a Community of Welcome?

Welcoming is most often associated with “bigness.” We speak about “expanding the circle” and making more room. We talk about making ourselves larger through the practice of welcoming in new experiences and new ideas. But there is also the work of becoming smaller. And sometimes … read more.