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Thoughts from the President, by Ron Subber

2017 is on the books! And what a year it was. I could take several pages listing everything that happened, but I will just mention a few highlights. 

We saw the establishment of the Space Committee to study our building/land use options.
We voted to … read more.

What Does It Mean to be a People of Intention?

Our January theme is Intention.

“Here’s what I discovered. Intention is different from setting goals or resolutions in that it “pulls us into” who we truly are. Goals and resolutions “push us out” into future possibilities. To set intentions, we listen to our inner … read more.

Snow? Oh no!

In the event of bad weather, Sunday services may be canceled or delayed. You can find the information in several ways:

Call the church office and listen to the recording at 908.996.3964.
Visit this website’s homepage. We will replace the rotating banner with one that announces the … read more.

What Does It Mean To Be A People of Hope?

Our December 2017 theme is Hope.

Faith, wherever it develops into hope, causes not rest but unrest, not patience but impatience. It does not calm the unquiet heart, but is itself this unquiet heart in [all of us]. Those who hope…can no longer put up with … read more.